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Awesome product

Definitely works in my son's eczema! Used ointment and soap once a day and results were amazing! In only a few days his eczema disappeared

100% this works

I live in Australia & have suffered with psoriasis for a long time. I bought 2 creams & 2 soaps & my psoriasis is gone BUT I've only used maybe half a bar of soap only. So don't hesitate to buy & try coz it'll work for u too & it's a good price. Very Happy customer here, ThankYou.

My psoriasis has vanished 🙂

This is no gimmick ! My psoriasis has gone. I bought 2 creams & 2 soaps, I've used maybe half a bar of soap only & I have clear skin. I've been hospitalised for chronic psoriasis & am really happy to say I'm not going back there. Please trust me that this works, buy some 🙂


This creme works! Ive had facial rashes occurring now for more than 3 years. The rash was so itchy and burned alot too. Ive been to dermatologist, allergist , specialist but no one seemed to be able to help me. I was always given steroids. These med have had a bad affect on me. I was desperate so my wife saw this add for the creme and I ordered it. I received it pretty quick and tried it. To my suprise it worked! It relieved the itching and burning pain from my face and even cleared it up. My under arms were also so raw with rash from all the scratching. I applied the creme generously to all parts of the rash and it did burn a bit but thats because i had scratches on my face. After a while like 5 minutes it began to feel so much better. The rash has seemed to completely disappear, even under my arms. (Ive been using it for about a week or more) I am so happy with the creme that I am going to order more. If you are skeptical, just give it a try. It helped me. Thank you golden ointment.

Working Wonderfully

I have HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) which there’s no clue for - I’ve been using Golden Ointment for 2 weeks now, my current HS flares have reduced by 80%!!!! The skin surrounding my flares looks healthy as well. I’ve only used 1/2 tube so far. I will be buying more!!!

It REALLY Works...from Ohio, USA!

Honestly, this is the BEST cream I've used.....True Story! I've struggled with red bumps on my skin that would form a crater in the middle and then growing into a round shape. It never itched or hurt but was a bother for sure. Dermatologists diagnosed it as Granuloma Annulare or Pityriasis Rosea and said it would clear up after a few months and was harmless. The prescription cream was expensive and turned my skin into white bleachy patches, where it looked like a burn mark! I stopped what the doctors prescribed and tried Green Tea Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, and other various over the counter creams. I gave the Golden Ointment a try. It was shipped professionally and quickly within a week. I started with 3 applications a day. It has a cooling or tingly feeling a bit like putting Vic Vapor Rub on your skin. I even applied makeup over it was it soaked in a bit. Within in 4 days I noticed a HUGE improvement!!!! By two weeks and a little over half the tube, my red spots are nearly GONE. No kidding & I am thrilled!!!!! I am going to order more and keep it on hand. Thank you! Sincerely, Ohio Female, 54 years old.

good cream

Truly Golden

Ointment works very well on both my wife and I for stubborn skin rashes due to weather related rashes(allergies). will definitely buy again.

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It is a fantastic product

It works a treat on the skin disorder that my daughter has. Thanks

Very happy with the results of using this product.

Golden ointment

Your ointment has brought me so much relief and I am very pleased with thevresults

Golden ointment

Works within a few days .Stoked 👍

Great ointment. Worked on my son !

love this product

I had a rash for over 6 months and have tried a lot of different creams and medications to get rid of it. Applied this cream on the night I received it and it started to burn, same as many of the other creams, as the skin has split open in many places, but the next morning I noticed that it wasn't itchy and on further inspection many places it had disappeared. I continued to use it for the next 3 nights and it has gone completely, thankyou so much Golden Ointment company, you truly do deliver your promise

Works well!!

Good product, I would recommend it 😎👍

So far so good

The ointment only arrived this week so I have only used it for last two days. It’s too soon to see if it’s going to work but the initial signs are good. It causes stinging for a couple of minutes on the most irritated areas of rash but this settles.

Good product

Works awesomely and smells good.

Magical creme

In the short time I have been using it my Psoriasis is going !

Works good on my face good product

Best Product Used

I suffer from psoriasis and have been to to dermatologists. Used medications and every cream they’ve prescribed and my skin conditioned hasn’t improved. Tried the African Black soap and still no improvements. My wife stumbled on this item through Instagram. We were skeptical at first and decided just to purchase 1 tube. It came in a few days and after using it for the first time, I love the herbal scent. After a week of using this product behind my neck and arms, I’ve noticed a big improvement. No more red discoloration. We just placed another order for 2 tubes. It is worth your money. Wish it came in a larger tube. But the item does what it says. Thank you!

Everything is perfectly packed! I have not tried yet-I will supplement the Review))

The cream came quickly, tracking all the way to the post office, I use this cream for not the first year, but there is one but. This cream is like water, it should not be so, the original is different from this by color, by smell, the smell of the original more saturated, the consistency should be thick, and this just water, accordingly, the effect is not the same, and the expense is just crazy

Received correctly. The product corresponds to the description

The product fully corresponds to the description. Good quality, acceptable delivery time. Good price. The inscription on the tube informs about the new formula of ointment!?